Risley with Hopwell Parish Council

Serving the people of Risley with Hopwell

Clerk RFO: Sue Dunkley
34 Sparrow Close, Ilkeston
Derbyshire DE7 4PW

Tel: 07541737496

Neighbourhood Watch

Our Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinators administer an email service, passing on information to those who register their email address with them.

Your email address does not appear on bulletins to ensure your confidentiality is maintained.

The aim is to make as many people as possible aware of recent crimes in the area. In this way repetition of the crime elsewhere may be prevented. The neighbourhood watch email network has also proved useful for lost (and found) pets and during the pandemic, helping those people who have been self-isolating.

Please help us by registering your email address with Councillor Peter McKeown, Senior Co-ordinator on risley.NHW@gmail.com, telephone 07753 127425.

Those of us fortunate enough to have access to email try to print off bulletins and either place them on one of the parish notice boards or pass them on to our neighbours who don't have internet access.

January's Neighbourhood Watch update: